Thursday, April 7, 2011


Is anything in your purse for me?
Really!!  Where is it?



Kea said...

Homer, there's no hiding anything from you!

The mom has no experience with a (fully) blind cat (is it politically correct to say "blind?" -- lol) and is wondering if you have the complete run of your house or if there are certain areas that are off limits, if your mom ever moves furniture around and if so, how you adjust to that, etc. We don't mean to pry, are truly curious!

-Fuzzy Tales

Kea said...

Sorry..DUH. The mom just saw the FAQ section, will read that! Dumb human!

Daniela said...

hahahahaha, you're mommy's not a dumb human. Everyone wants to know the exact same thing. I do have the run of the house. I even climb up the cat tree and jump off. As long as i know how far the floor is, I'm good to go. My mommy did buy a new bed about a month ago and I was so mad because when the room was empty, I ran into the bedroom and jumped really high to get on the bed and "plop" on the floor. So, it's real important that everything stays the same, or I could get confused, or worse, hurt.

Daniela said...

PS. I never ever go outside. Actually, I don't know what outside is. My brothers and sisters brag about it, but I don't see the big deal. I'm perfectly happy indoors.

Kea said...

Oh, Homer, that would have been funny (sorry!) to see you run into the bedroom and jump...and plop. As long as you didn't (or don't) hurt yourself!

No, there's no need for you to go outside! We have a very small (townhouse back space) enclosed "yard" that the mom has spent a small fortune on, trying to cat-proof (Nicki is the jumper/climber/escape artist). But if not for that, we wouldn't go out at all, the mom doesn't believe in letting kitties roam--too many city dangers here, from busy streets and vehicles, other (unneutered) cats, cruel kids, etc.

So are any of your kitty siblings really close to you? Do they "help" you out at all? We know that sometimes a kitty who can't see has bonded with another kitty (or perhaps woofie) and that the sighted cat/dog kinda "helps" the unsighted one. Just wondered if you share that kind of bond with any of your "siblings!"

But maybe we have too many questions -- lol!

-Fuzzy Tales

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

We are very impressed with your hunting skills, Homer! We know another kitty who is blind and she refers to herself as being blind as a bat. You are the cutest! Mom just squees up a storm each time she sees your picture.

Daniela said...

Well Fuzzy, Frankie the dachshund and Pete the cat are my best buds. We all snuggle sometimes and sleep together during the day. Frankie and I wrestle too rough sometimes and it scares our mom. When I first came to this family I only weighed 1/2 pound and dachshund Lucy used to carry me around in her mouth, now I think she hates me because I terrorize her all the time and am now 8 months old. I guess not all good things last forever.

Laila and MInchie, I can find just about anything. Mom says it's because my other senses are so heightened..whatever that means..meow

The Monkeys said...

Homer, you are very good at finding things! Our Mom usually hides toys in her purse too!

Donna said...

Such a good Mommy for bringing you home a fun treat!!

Cat said...

Oh Homer you are so very clever!!!

To answer your question the boys give a resounding "YES", you can come over anytime and play with them and the holey toy :-)

Admiral Hestorb said... and mommy still think you are THE sweetheart of all times.

Mom said and I don't mind at all, how much she would love to snuggle your beautiful furry body. (she's awful about kisses..she would kiss the furs off your head).

Rene said...

Wow, Homer, you are a smart guy. Even our guys with their vision would never think to look in a purse for toys!

Danielle said...

Hi Homer! Nice to meet you!

Did you smell that toy? How'd you find it?

Jenner said...

Hi, I am a new follower! I found your blog tonight through a friend of a friend. Adorable photos!! I also have several kitties and dogs, including one Miniature Dachshund. :)