My Story

Hello Friends, my name is Homer.  No, I'm not THAT Homer, although I think he's the coolest.  My human brother actually picked out my name after the blind Greek Poet.  It wasn't until after I was named Homer that my mom found out about that OTHER cool Homer.  I wish I could meet him.

Anyway, my story starts out sad, but as you can imagine ends up pretty awesome.  I was born in a dairy barn about an hour away from where I live now. My biological mom was a single mom of 7.  She did her best, but didn't have any help.  You see, the people who owned the barn didn't believe in taking us to the vet, even though we were all sick.  They did what they thought they were supposed to do I guess.  I mean, the lady threw out bologna and cornbread for my mom, but that was really bad for her. So, after a few weeks of really bad nutrition and no veterinary care I got a real bad infection in my eyes.  Then a miracle happened.  A really nice lady named Nancy who mom jokes and called "The crazy feral cat lady", rescued mom and me and my brothers and sisters.  She took us to Humane Alliance where my new mom works.  She came into my new moms office and said "There is a kitten who needs his eyes out and is sick".  Now usually my new mom would have been mad and told her to go to her regular vet, but for some reason she didn't.  Instead she said "I'll take him".  The nice "crazy feral cat lady" almost fainted because my new mom never says things like that.

I was sad because I had to say goodbye to my biological mom and my brothers and sisters, but that is the day that I got a new chance.  I lost my eye sight, but gained so much more.  I think I'm lucky, but mom says she's the lucky one.  Maybe she's right because she really spoils me.  I know how to play her like a fiddle.  I once was a half pound, sad, skinny blind kitten and now I am almost 8 months old and weigh 8 lbs.  I am one lucky dude.

PS.  Mom and I read Homer's Odyssey, IT ROCKS.