What happened to your eyes?
My eyes had to be removed when I was just 6 weeks old.  Because of neglect they were really infected and had ruptured.  It was very painful.  As soon as I had surgery I felt much better.

How do you get around? 
The same way you do, on all fours.

How do you find your litter pan and food dishes?
My mom is awesome and keeps everything in the same place so that I can find everything.  One day, mom was cleaning the air conditioning vents with the shop vac, which was in the middle of the floor and guess what..BAM...knocked my noggin'.  I had several mini  concussions in the beginning.  But I'm a fast learner.

Are you neutered? 
Of course, my mommy works at a spay/neuter clinic.  It goes with the territory.

What are some of your favorite things to do?
I love to follow mommy all over the house and get mad when I can't fit under the bathroom door.
I harass my brothers and sisters..especially Frankie, Pete and Ruby.
Frankie and I wrestle
Eat some more
Steal anything that isn't nailed down.  I figure if it's within reach, it's mine.
Root through mommies purse.

What happens when your mommy re-arranges furniture?
She doesn't.  If things aren't the same then I might get confused or even worse, hurt.  So, all the furniture stays in the same place.

Do you get along with your brothers and sisters?
I love all of my brothers and sisters, but sometimes they don't always love me back.  Oliver, Hank and Ruby are the grandparents of the group and would prefer it if I just went away, but I bug them anyway.  Lucy used to think I was her own baby, cuz she carried me around by the scruff of my neck and wouldn't let me go  until I got bigger, now she just tolerates me.  Frankie and Pete are my BFF's and we play all the time.  I chase them around the house constantly, but they usually outrun me

don't be afraid to ask questions, cuz I have ALL the answers.